Pro-Moriarty PAC Receives $70,000 Illegal Contribution from California “Defund the Police” Fund

Moriarty has been supported by over $500,000 in outside PAC spending despite only raising $94,000 into her campaign since the primary


HENNEPIN COUNTY - A representative of the Holton Dimick Campaign filed a complaint with the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board against People Over Prosecution for breaking campaign finance law. The complaint alleges that People Over Prosecution violated the requirement laid out in statute 10A.27 Subd. 13 by failing to properly disclose a $70,000 contribution from an unregistered dark-money fund called Solidaire Network. 


Solidaire Network’s funds go to police abolition causes. In 2021, they donated $220,000 to Yes4Minneapolis, the group pushing to eliminate the Minneapolis Police Department. Their purpose is clearly stated on their Twitter account: “Announcing Defund the Police for Funders, a tool for philanthropy to learn about the #DefundthePolice strategy, urgency, & call to funders” and “police reform does not work. Body cameras, surveillance tech & officer training just bring more money to police & away from real solutions.”


The recipient of the illegal contribution, People Over Prosecution, is a PAC supporting Dimick’s opponent Mary Moriarty. The PAC has raised over $225,000 in support of Moriarty since June, far exceeding the total amount Moriarty’s campaign has raised in that same time. The group controversially impersonated Dimick’s campaign website in an attempt to mislead voters about Dimick’s record. People Over Prosecution receives over 95% of their contributions from out-of-state funds. 


Dimick outraised Moriarty $185,000 to $94,000, with 97% of her donations coming from Minnesota donors. Despite this campaign spending disadvantage, PACs have raised and spent $568,333.65 on Moriarty’s behalf. Of the funds that are traceable to donors, greater than 95% of this super-PAC funding comes from out-of-state donors.


Seven of the PACs and organizations which have endorsed and spent money on behalf of Mary Moriarty either funded or supported Yes4Minneapolis and other groups that pushed to eliminate the Minneapolis Police Department

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