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Focus On Prevention


As HCA, I will also work collaboratively to prevent crimes before they occur. I believe that potential criminals must see the negative consequences that follow criminal behavior and the benefits of avoiding these actions altogether. People, especially juveniles,  turn to crime when there are no better alternatives. I will use this office to educate potential criminals about the better alternatives to a life of crime, lobby local and state governing bodies for better funding for schools and economic investments in high-crime areas, and work to establish a grant-funded organization to break the cycle of crime in crime-ridden areas. 


  • Increase trust in the justice system

Many violent crimes are acts of revenge for past wrongs or escalating disputes (Source). Decades of public disinvestment in poor communities have led to a lack of trust in law enforcement and the justice system. This often prompts community members to believe that they are better off taking the law into their own hands rather than trusting a system that does not act on their behalf.  I will make it a priority to focus office resources on areas that have long been underserved by the justice system and law enforcement. I will also make it a priority to increase trust in the HCA in these areas. I do not serve any political agenda or party, I serve the people of Hennepin County, and I will make that known. 

  • Use the office to lobby cities and state government

The evidence is clear, kids who do not receive a strong education are more likely to commit crimes (Source). As HCA, I will use my increased position to lobby for more local and state funding for education and economic investment in areas that have high rates of crime. 

  • Collaborate with partners to better prevent crimes 

We cannot let politics, ego, or bureaucracy get in the way of creating better systems of preventing crime. I will work with local governments, law enforcement,  religious organizations, local groups, and community members to stop crime before it happens. I will also provide these partners with data and research to help them better understand demographic and sociological trends of criminals to aim their preventative efforts better.

  • Work to establish a grant-based crime prevention fund

This organization should focus on educating at-risk youths about the risks of criminal behavior and the resources available to help divert their path. This organization should also focus on preventing heavy drug use by young, at-risk men. (Example)