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Reduce Gun Violence

Gun Violence Is An Issue 

There is an epidemic of gun violence running rampant throughout Hennepin County and is impacting the lives of everyone, especially our most vulnerable and marginalized communities. Data shows that YTD shootings in our county have increased 84% over 2 years, my North Minneapolis community has had over 90 homicides in the last 2 years, and some of these victims were children. This is entirely unacceptable. Black and brown communities feel the impact of increased gun violence the hardest, with 83% of shooting victims being black in 2022 alone. Gun violence is not just a safety concern, it affects public health, education, youth, housing, and much more. As Hennepin County Attorney, reducing gun violence will be my top priority, I will send a strong message from the office that if you commit a crime with a gun, you will go to jail. 

Its Time We Give Our Communities A Break From Gun Violence, As County Attorney, I Will:

  • Create a Gun Violence Prevention Task Force that tracks, targets, and prevents gun violence. This task force will consist of law enforcement, community groups, religious organizations, citizens, and anyone who wants to fight gun violence in their community.
    Advocate for dedicated funding and resources put to evidence-based violence interruption programs 


  • Rebuild the relationship between the community and law enforcement so that communities feel comfortable coming forward and holding others accountable for gun violence 

  • Work with local law enforcement and city leadership to provide them with adequate resources and support to prevent gun violence within their communities 

  • Work with the Attorney Generals office and Andy Lugar and the U.S. Attorneys office to track the flow of guns into our commnities and mount a coordinaated effort to prosecute those responsible