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The Hennepin County Attorney's number one job is to keep you safe. That is not a partisan issue. It's time for us to work together and find common ground to keep our communities safe and build a better justice system. Martha is endorsed by 30 out of 31 Hennepin County Mayors who've weighed in on the race. These mayors come from all political backgrounds, but they are unified in their desire to collaborate with the county attorney to improve safety for all. 


Establishing safety first and safety for all requires us to work aggressively to reduce the high rate of violent crime, protect the rights and freedoms of community members, and ensure safety for everyone regardless of where you live, the color of your skin, or how much money you make. 


We need everyone to pitch in if we are going to win in November. Whether you have never volunteered for a campaign before or you're a political pro, we invite you to join the team and help out in any way that you can!

Martha's experience and background make her a uniquely qualified candidate for this job. Click the link above to learn more about Martha. 

This campaign has been and will continue to be grassroots. We rely on donations from people like you. If you believe in Martha's vision for Hennepin County, please consider donating. 

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